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Our Colorful World

Hi, my name is Gaby, the owner of  Piñata Place.  I started making piñata's for my children's birthday parties.  They were such a hit at the party that my friends started to ask me to make some for their kids.   


 I soon realized that the options for piñata's in Sierra Vista were limited and anything custom was extremely scarce.  Online was very expensive due to shipping and the stores were filled with cheaply made/small options with even less variety.


This is where the idea of Piñata Place came about.  Sure, any piñata is fun, but there is no comparing it to the joy a 40" piñata decked out with the colors and theme of their favorite character.  It is our goal to provide a quality product that is both beautiful a strong enough to take a beating.  We strive to put a smile on the face of every child at the party.


We eventually came across Balloon Decor while researching party themes and instantly fell in love with what it adds to any occasion.  We have now spent countless hours and bags upon bags of balloons practicing different techniques to bring our customers the best possible decorations.  

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