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Balloon Selection

We use the best quality latex balloons from Qualatex, Sempertex, and Kalisan. Our HELIUM filled latex balloons are treated with Hi-Float to stay in the air longer and Hi-Shine to retain their luster.  We strive to keep a large inventory of different colors and balloon finishes.  We also try to have a variety of foil balloons on hand for that last minute event.  However, we regularly use three different balloon wholesalers and can order what we don't have.  Some of our stock can be seen below. 

Clear white.png
Grey and neutrals.png
Neutrals latex.png
blue latex.png
Caribbeanblue latex.png
green latex.png
Yellow latex.png
chrome light latex.png
SmartSelect_20220904_123126_Samsung Notes_edited.png
Premium latex.png
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