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Can't Find Your Theme In Stock

We may be able to help

     Our customized star piñatas are made with a solid color background and vinyl stickers with your theme.  They are decorated with corresponding or complimentary colors.  Background color will vary depending on theme.

     Our dual themed piñata's have a different theme on each side and decorated to match. They are great for boys and girls, twins, or any two children who can't agree on their favorite character.

Chat with us. Let us know what you are looking for.  (Character, theme, age of child, favorite colors)



A picture says a 1000 words so it helps if you can send an image to get a better idea.
We will do our best to design a center that will put a smile on your child's face.
Please contact us first before ordering so we are on the same page and are sure we can make your piñata.  If you saw this too late, don't worry we will reach out and refund the total if we can't make it.

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