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Gender Reveal Bouquet Package. Price includes 2 matching Helium Bouquets and 1x AirFilled Gender Reveal 20" Crystal Clearz on Pedestal Stand Approx. 4' tall. The Gender Reveal Balloon is stuffed with a balloon which contains a blue or pink powder. When the inner balloon is popped the clear balloon impressively fills with the color of your babies gender, leavingthe outer balloon intact. NO MESS OR CLEAN UP. Each Helium Bouquet includes 1x 16" Pink & Blue Ombre Orbz, 1x 18" Boy or Girl Foil, 1x 10" Pink Crystal Clearz, 1x Blue Crystal Clearz, and weighted airfilled balloon base.

Gender Reveal Bouquet Package

  • - Helium Balloons are fragile. We fill day of, use top quality, and treat latex balloons w/High Float.

    -We can not guarantee Helium balloons will last days or in outdoor conditions (wind/sun/extreme temps).

    Latex 11"balloons should last 12-24 hours, longer treated. Foil balloons 1 week.

    -Colors may appear different online than in person.

    -We work hard to guarantee stock accuracy, but incase of no availability, we will use a similar balloon or reach out to resolve (refund or change of order)

  • - Airfilled Gender Reveal Balloon requires Extra Time for preperation. However, Gender Reveal Helium Bouquet can be ordered for same day local delivery if ordered before 2pm. Contact us if after, we may be able to help.

    -Ensure someone is available to receive delivery and balloons will be accepted at location.

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